Cut America

Eagle Altar

Cut America

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(Cass, C42)

Label:Tranquility Tapes
Cat#: TQ25


The alter ego of Tulsa's Altar Eagle, Eagle Altar is Eden Hemming and Brad Rose's outlet to set aside song structure and allow themselves to ride the electric current of improvisation. The first new release from the project in more than two years, Cut America collects five pieces for synthesizer and drum machine. Blissful, blown out melodies cut through thumping, pulsing rhythms that aren't quite meant for the dance floor, but are no less invigorating. Despite the loose nature of this project, each track is remarkably tight-knit, hitting all the right marks and building toward incredibly satisfying climaxes. Hemming and Rose are ready to take you on bullet train through the heart of our country, which may not always be pretty, but this is a glorious ride from start to finish. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.