In An Orange Milky Way

Maharadja Sweets

In An Orange Milky Way

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Label: Orange Milk Records
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Maharadja Sweets' In An Orange Milky Way is a lo-fi sci-fi epic concept album about ethnomusicologists who travel to a distant galaxy to make a field recording.  Maharadja has been making home recordings since 1981, for many years releasing his cassette albums (one copy each) into shoe boxes.  His music was featured on WFMU's pioneering "lo-fi" show in 1987-88 (under the pseudonym Chadwick Dwanzhir) putting him squarely within the early wave of 1980's underground basement and bedroom recording artists.  Most of the music on this album was recorded recently, but some tracks were re-purposed from his earliest days.  For instance the song "Radio Broadcast" features melodies programmed in BASIC into a Commodore 64 computer in 1983.  But all this does not begin to describe how good the record is.  Maharadja Sweets is a true bizarre outsider folk spirit, harnessing a sincere oddness that translates into some beautiful exploratory lo-fi noise songwriting that only a certified New York City sightseeing guide could deliver.