Mirror & Gate Vol. IV

John Sandia / Aniello

Mirror & Gate Vol. IV

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Label:Opal Tapes, Blowing Up The Workshop
Cat#: Mirror & Gate Vol. IV


Opal Tapes and the Blowing Up The Workshop mix-blog-cum-label introduce two new artists to our ears on 'Mirror & Gate Vol. IV'. Aniello sprawls across the A-side with some 30 minutes of uniquely syncopated percussive loops and tape FX oscillating somewhere between Thought Broadcast and Decimus in its refusal to stick with any discernible structure and wickedly atonal no wave qualities. Freaky ish. John Sandia's 'Pierrot Lunaire' opens up an equally aud, abstract space on the flip with the possibly Schoenberg-referencing four-part movement of worn-down rhythms, ambient gloom and spectral presence.