Softlight Reveries / Cyque


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(Cass, Ltd, C25)

Label:Tranquility Tapes
Cat#: TQ06


The wonderful sounds of Canadian artists Scott Johnson (Thoughts on Air) and Mike Pouw (Knit Prism) just seem meant to be together. This split brings together two of their newer projects which almost act as alter egos to their more prolific ones. Johnson's Softlight Reveries begins with an engrossing subversion of ToA's psychedelic folk aesthetic. Sparkling clean guitar passages unfold and intertwine freely. Shimmering organ creeps into the mix as the piece gradually builds to a cathartic noise climax. Pouw's Cyque-Sage adds a heavy dose of field recordings to KP's "motionless meditation" style. Effected guitar that almost sounds like a synth stays locked into warm, dense chords. Uneffected sounds from the wilderness and pure analog fidelity both play a major role in Pouw's mysterious workings. Tune in and soak up the positive vibrations from these two brothers from the Great White North. Pro-dubbed and imprinted, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.